CliniNet Virtual Report Viewing System


    "A respiratory therapist must have designed this ventilator."



    The unique CliniNet® interface and CliniNet® Virtual Report™ viewing system bring centralized, real-time data and patient management to the entire care team. The intuitive user interface provides access to your Inspiration® 7i, 5i and eVolution® 3e ventilators, allowing clinicians to view up to eight ventilators simultaneously on each computer monitor. The Inspiration and eVolution has the ability to communicate—via wireless or Ethernet—all parameters, graphics, settings, alarms and other data that previously could only be viewed at the bedside.

      eVent Medical | CliniNet™ Virtual Report™ Viewing System

    "A respiratory therapist must have designed this ventilator."


    • Remote ventilator viewing
    • Wired or Wireless solutions
    • Intranet and Internet connections
    • Real time viewing of multiple ventilators and patient data
    • Easy system integration
      and easy to use
    • Three levels of user access with password protection
    • Facility defined level of security and encryption

    A Clinician Focused Respiratory Product


    "A respiratory therapist must have designed this ventilator."



CliniNet Virtual Report Viewing System


Product Datasheet

  eVent Medical | CliniNet(TM) and CliniNet Virtual Report(TM) (Int'l) Datasheet

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User Verification and Security
  • Users must have network access
  • Password required to access all installed devices
  • Multi-level secure program access
  • Wireless routers provide desired level of encryption and
    work in conjunction with hospital network security architecture
User Interface Viewing Screens
  • View up to 8 ventilators on the main screen
  • View up to 8 saved reference waveforms and loops*
  • Multiple Easy View Tabs:





  • Waveforms (scalable)
  • Two level view
  • Loops (scalable)
  • Up to 45 trended parameters
  • Measured parameters
  • Superimpose up to 4 waveforms
  • Table number display



  • High and medium priority
  • Active settings
  •  Alarm settings


  • Special settings
  • Vent and company information


  • Patient information
Monitored / Displayed Data
  • Delivered oxygen concentrations: 21 - 100%


  • Trend Data (1-72 hrs.):
    • Inspiration 5i, 34 trend parameters
    • Inspiration 7i, 46 trend parameters
    • eVolution 3e Essential, 24 trend parameters
    • eVolution 3e Advanced, 24 trend parameters
  • Monitoring Data:
    • Inspiration 5i, 41 trend parameters
    • Inspiration 7i, 53 trend parameters
    • eVolution 3e Essential, 32 trend parameters
    • eVolution 3e Advanced, 32 trend parameters









  • Ppeak
  • Ti*
  • Auto PEEP
  • PetCO2
  • Ptrach*
  • Te*
  • Pplateau
  • VCO2/min
  • Pmean
  • PF
  • RSBI
  • VtiCO2
  • PEEP
  • PFe
  • C20/C*
  • VteCO2
  • Vte Sp.**
  • I:E
  • RCe
  • FetCO2
  • Pmin*
  • H:L
  • Cstat + Cstat/kg*
  • Vd ana
  • Vte & Vti
  • Ti / Ttot
  • Cdyn* + Cdyn/kg*
  • Vd alv
  • Vti + Vti/kg*
  • Leak Rate
  • WOBimp
  • Vd/Vt
  • Vte + Vte/kg*
  • FiO2
  • Rinsp + Rexp
  • Valv
  • Exp Min Vol (Ve)
  • HeO2*
  • PO.1
  • Valv/min
  • Ve/kg*
  • Spont % 1h
  • PiMax
  • PeCO2
  • Ve Spont
  • Spont % 8h
  • PO.1 / PiMax
  • FeCO2
  • Respiratory Rate




  • Rate Spont




  • Te & Ti**




ETCO2 Real Time Graphics*

  • PCO2 Volume loop
  • FCO2 + time
  • FCO2 Volume loop
  • VteCO2 + time
  • PCO2 + time
Real Time Curves (waveforms)
  • Pressure + time
  • Flow + time
  • Volume + time
  • Pressure volume loop
  • Pressure flow loop*
  • Flow volume loop
  • User may pause and manually or auto scale individual graphs

The settings screen displays all of the ventilator’s settings and is divided into the following categories:

  • Basic settings of the active mode
  • Alarm settings
  • Apnea backup settings
  • Smart Sigh™ settings
  • Smart Nebulizer™ settings
Extensive Prioritized Alarms (High and Medium)
  • The alarm screen displays a list of all alarms viewable as separate high and medium priority alarms
  • Provides real time viewing and visual alerts of alarm activity
Communication Interfaces
  • Ethernet 10/100 Base-T Full Duplex
  • Connector: RJ-45
  • Direct network interface with Ethernet cable
  • Wireless interface via router or wireless Ethernet bridge
Environmental Data
  • Ventilator operating temperature
    • 10 to 40o C (50 to 104o F)
Ordering Information
  • EVM400029

CliniNet® VR Viewing System Software

  • ABDG-DT-DP501

CliniNet® Wireless Router







* Inspiration Series Models Only
** eVolution 3e Series Models Only 
Specifications subject to change.

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Comprised mostly of respiratory therapists, our clinical and technical teams are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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