Spontaneous Positive Airway Pressure

Regardless of your ventilation strategy (Volume or Pressure), eVent Medical's Inspiration® and eVolution® series ventilators provide modalities that afford your patient the ultimate in control and synchrony.

SPAP, which is equivalent to APRV (Carefusion) and BiLevel (Covidien), is a pressure-based breathing mode that allows patients to breathe spontaneously at two user-selected levels of PEEP. The user sets the high and low PEEP (Phigh and Plow) and independent levels of pressure support (if desired) at each PEEP level (Psup high, Psup low).

The user also selects how much time the patient breaths at each PEEP level. Setting selections can be based on I:E ratio or time including:

  • Cycle + time at high pressure (Phigh)
  • Cycle + ratio of time high to time low (Thigh and Tlow)
  • Time only at high and low pressures (Phigh and Plow)

At each PEEP level, the ventilator delivers a spontaneous breath when the patient triggers a breath (based on the trigger setting). These breaths can be pressure supported or not. Transitions between high and low PEEP levels are synchronized with the patient’s spontaneous efforts such that Time high may be slightly lengthened to allow patients to finish the inspiration before dropping to the low pressure level. The time at low pressure is preferentially maintained when I:E settings are inversed.

eVent Medical | Pressure Monitoring

In addition, rise time and exhalation sensitivity can be adjusted to optimize the breaths for additional patient comfort, while tidal volume can be monitored to understand the patient’s overall contribution to minute ventilation.


Settings and Ranges

Resp Rate


1 – 150 bpm



5 – 50 cmH2O



0 cmH2O to Phigh setting

Psup high


5 to (90 - Phigh setting) cmH2O

Psup low


0 to (90 - Plow setting) cmH2O



0.1 to (60 - Tlow setting) sec



0.2 to (59.9 - Thigh setting) sec

PS Tmax


0.15 - 5.0 sec

Rise Time


1 - 20

Patient and Cycles



1 – 60 c/min



1 – 120 c/min

Support & Maintenance

Comprised mostly of respiratory therapists, our clinical and technical teams are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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