In today's NICU and delivery rooms, intubation leads to a higher risk of airway trauma and infections. Stand-alone nasal CPAP (NCPAP) machines with proprietary interfaces mean higher costs . . . not better care.

eVent Medical's Inspiration® Ventilators with NCPAP+ now provide a full solution. Offering an alternative to more invasive forms of respiratory support, the Inspiration's advanced pneumatic and exhalation systems with unique NCPAP modalities—provide a gentle, noninvasive and proven method of breathing support for the respiratory-compromised neonate.

Sophisticated, yet simple, the Inspiration’s NCPAP+ mode is built upon the exceptional performance of its original NCPAP mode, allowing clinicians to provide customized, noninvasive care to their patients.

Settings and Ranges




2 - 12 cmH2O

Base Flow:


2 - 29 l/min



21 - 100%








5 - 30 cmH2O



2 - 10 cmH2O



1 - 40 b/min



0.25 - 0.60 sec

Base Flow:


2 - 12 l/min



21 - 100%

  eVent Medical | NCPAP+ Monitoring

NCPAP+ makes it possible to deliver a set pressure control level above PEEP at a user defined rate, inspiratory time, flow and FiO2. Alarms are set automatically and provide peace of mind against disconnections, occlusions and low or high pressure.

The Inspiration's internal batteries and compressor provide an excellent and versatile transport solution. Treatment can begin immediately after delivery and continue during transfer to the NICU, providing benefit during those crucial early stages.

With the Inspiration's NCPAP+ mode, you get the best of both worlds—a fully-featured, highly capable neonate ventilation platform with a state-of-the-art NCPAP system capable of accepting any nasal interface.

Support & Maintenance

Comprised mostly of respiratory therapists, our clinical and technical teams are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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Extended Warranties are available; contact your nearest Sales Representative for more information.

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