eVent Medical’s Inspiration® Ventilator System Receives U.S. FDA Clearance for its Heliox Delivery System

There have been a number of peer-reviewed medical publications demonstrating the utility of eVent’s Heliox delivery system on the Inspiration ventilator. Stephen Tunnell, President, states, “Researchers have found the Inspiration ventilator—with its patented, compact block design—greatly reduces the consumption of Heliox when compared to other currently marketed older ventilator designs.” The Inspiration does not have a bleed system that can waste large amounts of the gas even before it is delivered to the patient. Other studies have noted that the volume accuracy was maintained while using the sensor at the wye.

“With its expanding U.S, and Canadian sales force, eVent Medical will begin marketing the Inspiration throughout the U.S. with a focus on the pediatric areas that have the highest need for Heliox with asthmatic patients,” says Mike Browning, VP of U.S. and Canada Sales, “and this will complement our dedicated Infant platform for the neonatal population of low birth weight babies.”

This new capability allows eVent Medical to further its mission of providing innovation and value to the clinical community. eVent Medical markets the Inspiration line of adult through neonatal ventilators with the most aggressive warranty and preventative maintenance programs in the industry—the Inspiration is truly recognized for its lowest cost of maintenance.

For more information about eVent Medical, visit www.event-medical.com or call 949-360-8368 (VENT).

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