eVent Medical Announces New Website

For over a decade, we have invested substantial research and development into our new products using the best and most experienced talents in the industry.  The fact that we employ clinicians in key management roles means that Clinician Focused Products is not just a tag line, rather a belief system.

eVent Medical creates the most reliable, functionally advanced ventilators, enabling clinicians to provide world-class respiratory care and treatment to patients while reducing the overall cost of care. 

At eVent Medical, our resources are focused on customer service and developing creative, cost-effective, high performance technology and solutions.  Our passion is mechanical ventilation and our entire team lives and breathes ventilator care.

Support & Maintenance

Comprised mostly of respiratory therapists, our clinical and technical teams are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Our Warranty

Extended Warranties are available; contact your nearest Sales Representative for more information.

Sales Inquiries

Contact Via Online Form

+1 949 900 1917


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